Writer's Block: Blast to the past
If you could travel back in time, what would you tell your 10-year-old self?

Don't be so afraid! everything can be fixed, don't be such a little adult, and hang out with the boys more then you won't be so socially Awkward now! x Oh and You were right about the Spice girls best girlband EVER!

And I wish that I could make it better...
I feel I should update you with my goings on, I mean why be here if not? :/
I've sent so many texts that whenever i write Hello anywhere I want to add a 'How are you?' to the end of it.
I don't know if I said but Jonny has been back from Australia for a while now its good to have him home.
I am currently managing to endure the summer holidays and i've only had to take the little sister on three outings. We went to see the smurfs movie last week, she enjoyed especially with the couple expecting a baby. She is baby mad i swear, i may have spoiled it just a little by telling her that the lead guy in it was actually gay in real life which she followed with many statements 'He just kissed her though?' - 'Yeah he's acting' - 'Bet he didn't like it' and my favourite 'i bet his boyfriend wasn't happy!'
Finally i purchased a JLS hoodie for her, however I haven't handed it over to her yet she has been up and down with her attitude so much lately, It was a week of firsts for her too just a couple of weeks ago, she had her first hair colour, first weatherspoons experience and her first bout of what is to come for she is a young woman after all.

I applied for a job at the new tesco's being built near us but unfortunately i was unsuccessful in my application so i'm next for a while longer then, we have new guy who's just started on a new modern apprentership scheme it seems he'll be taking over my job soon, Cheers.

Shall we get deep now we've covered common ground?

I feel like my sister and i, my eldest sister that is are drifting apart. Personality wise I don't think were very close any more her likes are changing and i feel were being left behind it bugs me a little. But i'm not sure why is it because of her living her life and me feeling left behind. Is it jealousy that she has the freedom and independence that i don't have? the overall emotion towards her seem to be annoyance perhaps its because i feel like i'm no longer needed?

I had a painstaking day at work yesterday (Tuesday) I got a call from my step mum on Monday night telling me that my dad was in hospital, was rushed in with incredible stomach pains he was let home Tuesday morning and they are poking a prodding at him further soon, they want to put the camera down him and for him to have an ultra scan I'm worried of course, Though they say not to. I've spoke to him today and yesterday i feel like crying right now but there is no reason to for no conclusion has been met except that he has two hearnia's one on his chest and one on his groin. The nurse told him not to go home and google anything because it's the worst thing you can do and it's right because you don't know what your looking for and who knows what you will come across and convince yourself you have i know that i did just that a few months ago and i was beside myself.

I'll keep my fingers crossed, or like Jim Beaver said 'keep humming' :)


Writer's Block: Scary movie
I can't say i go out of my way to watch horror films, and luckily I don't remember the last one that put the fear of god in me but just yesterday my boss was telling me about a film she saw on tv that called 'Orphan' and though i haven't watched it she told me all i needed to know to send the shivers running down my spine, May have to avoid that now
What is the scariest horror flick you’ve seen?

Dream a little dream of me...
I feel I should note down the dream I had last night as it was just so lovely, the nicest i'd had in a while I often go to sleep making up little stories in my head to help send me off to sleep and last my imagination took over and created me the perfect admirer if just felt so lovely, that everytime I turned round their this person was and with a smile and a keane interest in me :) I suppose its nice to be wanted even if it is just in a dream. Besides when I got a look at his face it turned out to be Rob pattenson perhaps he's given Kristen the heave ho and is appearing to me in a subconcious state to win me over? Yeah I thought so to. I actually gave him a haircut to not actually in the dream but it was styled different and short and much neater, what can I say the hairdresser in me took hold. It won't surprise you when I say I was reluctant to get out of bed this morning, I remember talking to him and it being so natural and he was so confident but not overly, oh how the mind wanders and creates! x

I just don't know how she does it...
My mum deserves a medal and at the same time a bit of help.
I don't ever want to have children like my little sister, and thankfully i never will for i believe the 'poor' gene doesn't arrive from my mother, but that off the useless species that created her.
the truth can hurt sometimes, but rather it be said then buried!

A child know's no boundaries if their not enforced well, or at all.
This is what's wrong with our youth, but mainly my sister.

Going from happy to a jumped up little brat in t minus 5,4,3,2,1!
calling everyone and everything, with a vindictive tone no ten year old should posses.
As i type now she calls from the back garden for me to do her a favour only a half hour a go everything was my fault and i was indeed a 'prick' with unjust cause, after the name calling the mouthing off begins the playing up and the attitude award goes too....shortly follows mum sticking to her guns and sending home her friend, who if anything encourages such behaviour, pah! The waterworks come and go quite quickly as she see's her attempt is indeed futile and abandons the hope that it will get her anywhere and begins the verbal attacks once more...

And so peaceful until...

She forgets it all. I am screaming on the inside on how she can be such a little bleep, i would never dream of speaking to my family that way ever, never mind at her age. I fear she'll bring mum to the brink of a heart attack, i don't think she will stop until she does!

I give up hope on her.

*forgive the Bjork reference testing time

Friggging hell!
Just as i have somewhere to go and something to do what happens?
Bam! cold! i've been squirting the nazal spray first defence since yesterday afternoon
I'm really feeling it, so i think its time to swap medication.
Jeez isn't it always the way!
Hopefully it won't ruin my weekend in Birmingham!

Its time!
It seems whatever i try my header just won't sit right!
Danny why do you have to be such a pain in my ass is it not enough that you are adored!

So its the eve of the big day, Yes the 29th of April 2011 will go down in History year after year, unless the film 2012 is true (never seen it personally)

Prince William shall Marry Catherine Middleton, A commoner. Yes their is hope for us all yet.
She is a beautiful girl who has been living a fairytale for sometime now, but it shall peak tomorrow when she weds her Fiancé at 11 tomorrow.

If i were Kate i would be tucked up in bed like a little girl waiting for Christmas!

Where will i be? at a street Party to celebrate? Watching at home? Outside of Westminster abbey (Ok so the last one is far fetched) I shall be WORKING.

Oh yes the Joyous company that is next do not believe in celebrating such an amazing occasion that will come around once in a life time for many of us!

Our future King will marry his bride tomorrow and we wont see it because there is money to be made from such an event...Blah the place gets worse over time!.

Have i found a new job you cry? Have i eck screams the commoner within (and out)

I see that Chavs are taking over the world is it acceptable to hurl abuse at people in the street, for no reason? It upsets me that it happens we don't need such a mongrel breed line them all up and shoot them, their a waste of our fresh air! much valued air i might add!

Silently willing them and their friends to ride their bikes into oncoming traffic is not enough.

That is all.

i missed you, yeahhhhh i missed you
Had the most dreadful night last night, Being sick for no particular reason twice.
Not only that but the lingering stomach cramps, and today the lightheadedness that has lasted all day.
One good thing can come of this a little sister with compassion :)
She's growing up.

I had a weekend away in Leeds just last weekend, first visit didn't see much of the place but got to meet up with an old friend, was worth it. Even if at times i felt like the baby of the four of us.

I neeeeeed to write fiction again!


Year Review 2010
Well i can kiss goodbye to the even side of the year and Hello to 2011.
I wonder if the year coming will be better, will i find a new job, will i find a nice boy, will my writing bug that returned last night stay with me through January? *please,please,please!!!*
will i make new friends this next year, will i let go of old friends, will i repair old friendships?
I should be postive for the year ahead.
This hasn't been my best year, i've had fun and laughs and happiness but then i've had a cloud over my head for the last few months, i only hope it lifts.

Lets see I had the convention this year and found two more supernatural fans, my sister and i even went for lunch with them when they visited Manchester for a weekend.

My sister turned 30 and had a party.

I met Mcfly once more, and finally got a picture of Danny and me after only 6 years of trying.

My friendship with Rachel i feel has only got better, i hope it continues to go strong i love her company.

I've seen many bands, lets think...

Michael Buble, Kelly Clarkson, Parachute, Pink, Butch Walker, JLS, McFly, Bruno Mars, Travie McCoy, Paramore, B.O.B

its been a pretty good year for music, i even ventured out to see my first comedian *said in xfacotr voice over- voice* Jassssssssssson Manfoooord!

I joined Twitter, Mr. Manford was the first person to tweet me =]

I've got closer to Johnny, feel i have a friend to turn to when i need it.

I hope that this coming year i am strong and brave!

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Lists, Plans

"I use to Love spelling bee's when i was your age."

"Yeah, dad said you were a nerd."

"Hey you tell our kid i was a nerd?"

"Yeah Many times i'm not gonna lie to the kid"


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