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Seeing Bruce Springsteen in concert is something I would never get to see but alas it has actually happened, The Boss himself rolled into Manchester with his E Street Band in tow on the 22/06/12 and its a date I am not going to forget.
The Stadium was full, with ages ranging from 6 to 76! A dreadful day of rain came and went in time for the Boss to take the stage it merely spitting part way through did nothing in the way of dampening the crowds spirit the resounding "Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce!" rumbled around the stadium throughout his impressive 3 and half hour set. From the current wrecking ball album to the classics the crowd welcomed every intro like it was their favourite song of all time and for many I'm sure some of his songs hold that very honourable title. Standing in the heart of the crowd surrounded by so many different age groups was a first for me but shows simply how wide an audience the man attracts the atmosphere was alive throughout slow songs like the river everyone around me sang with heart accompanied by Bruce and the E-street just witnessing this legend for myself made the night so special. It was a warm welcome to old and new fans it didn't matter how long ago you had heard of him or how old you were we all stood punching the air along to his anthems, What ever he asked of us we did the way he held a crowd was entrancing the night didn't pass without the mention of the recent passing of the legendary Saxophone player Clarence clemons and that of Danny Fedricci Bruce called out to the crowd "Our we missing anyone!?" to which the crowd cheers he tells us "If were here their here" to another cheer it was a perfect acknowledgement of such a loss, Rather fittingly Clarence's son Jacob is playing saxphone with the e-street and later the opening to 10th avenue freeze out rings around the stadium where the big man himself appears in a montage on screen to an applause that's spontaneous and goes on for as long as we allow, the mood wasn't low for long as the song I had waited since 6 months to hear live begins and I can feel the shivers run right through me as we all sing along to Dancing in the dark, his connection with the audience is fantastic through out, he bring's a young boy around 9 on stage to sing a few lines of waiting on a sunny day with him, later choosing a lucky concert goer to join him on stage to dance along side him during dancing in the dark how envious we all were.
Over all I could not have been happier with the over all show, an amazing night.
I can only hope they return soon! I recommend everyone that when Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band come to sound you GO AND SEE THEM!


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