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Baby if it ain't all it seems I've got a pocket full of dreams...
New York, the big U.S.A an entire ocean away, guess who stepped out into the big bad world?
A-huh, I can hardly believe it and it was an entire 48 days ago, and yet it seems 48 weeks ago...
They do say time flies, well so does Sarah now :) I thought I was going to burst into tears on hearing and seeing a plane knowing i was about to step on one and make my first ever holiday abroad, most people start with a 2 hour flight maybe 4, not me i didn't fancy Spain or Turkey I set my eyes on the prize and started my trip with an 8 hour flight, I could have flown to Aus for a first flight but that would just be showing off :)
I'm glad i did it, that i surprised myself in actually doing it. it was strange being so far from home for 5 days, I must be a home bird or something however much i resent the word 'bird' I'm sure i walked in awe for most of the time we where there, my sister and i have are first ever passport stamp :) the American security found my outburst slightly amusing as I looked back at the boring stamp he had just done but never the less it is their in black and white that I have stepped foot in America, in fact all i seemed to do was walk, but with crazy drivers over there it was the safest option by far, I really enjoyed our stay and i'm glad my sister and i went with two friends and created so many new memories ones that me and her will share. Let it be said that we don't do enough together because well its truth the excitement starts and ends with a trip to Tesco's to do the weekly food shop and half of the time I moan throughout.

Yet now I can say i stood beside her at the top of the empire state building, that we visited the top of the Rock and saw how amazingly pretty a city can look at night, that we took our first ever water taxi together, that we ate food in an Irish bar, how we saw our first Broadway show that was technically off of Broadway like most our, that we met a celebrity together, that we visited one of the largest department stores in America, and how we both turned our nose up at the smell of America favourite Chocolate :) and that's not all their are so many other little things that made me smile while we were over there like being real CSI investigator and solving the murder of Mr Vincent Lansing, being coached through it by Grisom and his team, Taking a bus tour, Visiting the memorial for ground zero seeing what remains, meeting Bruce Springsteen in Madame Tussauds.

Here's just a few photos.


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