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Funny Old Day
Sunday's eh? who'd have them!? Most of us, even me and i work on Sunday and its that very reason i'd like to keep it thanks, Time and Half :)

You don't have my full attention as i bought the script DVD yesterday live at the Aviva Stadium, and decided it was time to watch it today.

Had the joy of listening to how the work's do went on Friday as i wasn't in attendance i may aswell have stayed at home for the amount of conversation i had today, I honestly don't see why i would go when they want you to pay towards it, and bring food...if i worked with 6 people and we were just branching out into business then yeah fair play but Next is huge and yet this is the belated christmas party our store manager chose for us yeah you've been here five minutes and already my moral has fallen, worked our arses off over christmas too.

woke up dreaming of Stephen Hendry today, yes the snooker player. The thought of him retiring is now appearing to me in dreams and it saddens me not because am dreaming about it but because snooker could lose its 7 time world champion :) i wish he could reclaim the glory days!

One Tree Hill is also back on tv in the US so obviously I'm watching with the yanks because waiting is for people with patience, Vampire Diaries and Supernatural all back at once too good times! Even though its the final series of one tree hill :) Happy face they've made me laugh and cry i don't know how many times this series won't be any different.

I'll finish with this...

together we cry, cry. together we crrrrrrrrrrrrrry <3 alot of love for The Script


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