Paolo Nutini
Does anymore need to be said?
The guy oozes sex.
Or at least on Saturday night he did, Front row was the place to be just so I could hold myself up on the barrier. To say he has grown in confidence when it comes to stage presence is a complete understatement he had a way about him that made the fairer sex melt into puddles I tell you know lies at least one girl was carried from the crowd he was a little to much for her.
Debuting his new album along with some old classics that he gave a make over too.
He hasn't forgotten what he's good at and that is putting together a great album. It's perhaps the first time i've seen him and not known nearly every song it was quite refreshing to hear his new stuff for the first time, and live. You become absorbed.

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Seeing Bruce Springsteen in concert is something I would never get to see but alas it has actually happened, The Boss himself rolled into Manchester with his E Street Band in tow on the 22/06/12 and its a date I am not going to forget.
The Stadium was full, with ages ranging from 6 to 76! A dreadful day of rain came and went in time for the Boss to take the stage it merely spitting part way through did nothing in the way of dampening the crowds spirit the resounding "Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce!" rumbled around the stadium throughout his impressive 3 and half hour set. From the current wrecking ball album to the classics the crowd welcomed every intro like it was their favourite song of all time and for many I'm sure some of his songs hold that very honourable title. Standing in the heart of the crowd surrounded by so many different age groups was a first for me but shows simply how wide an audience the man attracts the atmosphere was alive throughout slow songs like the river everyone around me sang with heart accompanied by Bruce and the E-street just witnessing this legend for myself made the night so special. It was a warm welcome to old and new fans it didn't matter how long ago you had heard of him or how old you were we all stood punching the air along to his anthems, What ever he asked of us we did the way he held a crowd was entrancing the night didn't pass without the mention of the recent passing of the legendary Saxophone player Clarence clemons and that of Danny Fedricci Bruce called out to the crowd "Our we missing anyone!?" to which the crowd cheers he tells us "If were here their here" to another cheer it was a perfect acknowledgement of such a loss, Rather fittingly Clarence's son Jacob is playing saxphone with the e-street and later the opening to 10th avenue freeze out rings around the stadium where the big man himself appears in a montage on screen to an applause that's spontaneous and goes on for as long as we allow, the mood wasn't low for long as the song I had waited since 6 months to hear live begins and I can feel the shivers run right through me as we all sing along to Dancing in the dark, his connection with the audience is fantastic through out, he bring's a young boy around 9 on stage to sing a few lines of waiting on a sunny day with him, later choosing a lucky concert goer to join him on stage to dance along side him during dancing in the dark how envious we all were.
Over all I could not have been happier with the over all show, an amazing night.
I can only hope they return soon! I recommend everyone that when Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band come to sound you GO AND SEE THEM!

Baby if it ain't all it seems I've got a pocket full of dreams...
New York, the big U.S.A an entire ocean away, guess who stepped out into the big bad world?
A-huh, I can hardly believe it and it was an entire 48 days ago, and yet it seems 48 weeks ago...
They do say time flies, well so does Sarah now :) I thought I was going to burst into tears on hearing and seeing a plane knowing i was about to step on one and make my first ever holiday abroad, most people start with a 2 hour flight maybe 4, not me i didn't fancy Spain or Turkey I set my eyes on the prize and started my trip with an 8 hour flight, I could have flown to Aus for a first flight but that would just be showing off :)
I'm glad i did it, that i surprised myself in actually doing it. it was strange being so far from home for 5 days, I must be a home bird or something however much i resent the word 'bird' I'm sure i walked in awe for most of the time we where there, my sister and i have are first ever passport stamp :) the American security found my outburst slightly amusing as I looked back at the boring stamp he had just done but never the less it is their in black and white that I have stepped foot in America, in fact all i seemed to do was walk, but with crazy drivers over there it was the safest option by far, I really enjoyed our stay and i'm glad my sister and i went with two friends and created so many new memories ones that me and her will share. Let it be said that we don't do enough together because well its truth the excitement starts and ends with a trip to Tesco's to do the weekly food shop and half of the time I moan throughout.

Yet now I can say i stood beside her at the top of the empire state building, that we visited the top of the Rock and saw how amazingly pretty a city can look at night, that we took our first ever water taxi together, that we ate food in an Irish bar, how we saw our first Broadway show that was technically off of Broadway like most our, that we met a celebrity together, that we visited one of the largest department stores in America, and how we both turned our nose up at the smell of America favourite Chocolate :) and that's not all their are so many other little things that made me smile while we were over there like being real CSI investigator and solving the murder of Mr Vincent Lansing, being coached through it by Grisom and his team, Taking a bus tour, Visiting the memorial for ground zero seeing what remains, meeting Bruce Springsteen in Madame Tussauds.

Here's just a few photos.

Funny Old Day
Sunday's eh? who'd have them!? Most of us, even me and i work on Sunday and its that very reason i'd like to keep it thanks, Time and Half :)

You don't have my full attention as i bought the script DVD yesterday live at the Aviva Stadium, and decided it was time to watch it today.

Had the joy of listening to how the work's do went on Friday as i wasn't in attendance i may aswell have stayed at home for the amount of conversation i had today, I honestly don't see why i would go when they want you to pay towards it, and bring food...if i worked with 6 people and we were just branching out into business then yeah fair play but Next is huge and yet this is the belated christmas party our store manager chose for us yeah you've been here five minutes and already my moral has fallen, worked our arses off over christmas too.

woke up dreaming of Stephen Hendry today, yes the snooker player. The thought of him retiring is now appearing to me in dreams and it saddens me not because am dreaming about it but because snooker could lose its 7 time world champion :) i wish he could reclaim the glory days!

One Tree Hill is also back on tv in the US so obviously I'm watching with the yanks because waiting is for people with patience, Vampire Diaries and Supernatural all back at once too good times! Even though its the final series of one tree hill :) Happy face they've made me laugh and cry i don't know how many times this series won't be any different.

I'll finish with this...

together we cry, cry. together we crrrrrrrrrrrrrry <3 alot of love for The Script

Writer's Block: Thank You Month
When was the last time you said thank you?

For my last meal

Crafting ways

Writer's Block: Happy New Year!
What is your New Year’s Resolution?

To not swear as much, Supposedly i'm a lady so i'm working on the foul language
To dance every day :)

Writer's Block: Scents and sensibility
What is your favorite smell?
Pancakes :)

Writer's Block: Internet addictions
Besides LJ, what websites are you always surfing?
That would be just the usual Facebook, Hotmail, Twitter...

Super Awesome!!!
Things may be on the up!
I attended an open day for a new cinema in town and it's ideal for me
I really enjoyed it today, and i hope i get an interview.
In my mind it went really well, Fingers crossed i get a phone call! :)
One step closer to being free of Next!


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